Janna Lapidus Leblanc was born in Belarus during the Soviet Union era. As a young child she immigrated with her parents to New Zealand with their hopes of a better life with freedoms and equal opportunities that had not been afforded to the people of Russia. Her family found that and more in their new home and they began a new chapter in their lives. 

Janna and Stevie met in New Zealand in 1986 during Stevie's 'Live Alive' tour. He was gaining momentum and recognition as an up and coming guitar player from Texas, along with some notoriety for a partying lifestyle. She was in her last year of high school and had already embarked on a career in modeling, appearing in commercials and advertising. Despite their geographical and age differences, they came together and lived together until a helicopter crash claimed Stevie's life on August 27, 1990.

Life without Stevie was filled with raw emotion and grief. Some solace would come in remembering the attributes and strength of character she had seen and known in Stevie and his love. Choosing to keep on keeping on, Janna continued to work in the modeling industry, traveling, making her way and finding gratitude for each new day. 

Janna met and married her husband in New York City and they become the proud parents of two boys, living and growing together with gratitude for all the paths that lead you through life.